Kickstart Your Cake Business Success

A Business Guide for Launching Your Cake Passion into a Successful Career

    Have you recently launched (or are planning to launch) a cake business? Do you feel like competition is waaaay stiff in your area and are concerned there may not be room for you to rise in the industry? The very real reality is that 8 out of every 10 small businesses fail after the first 18 months of trade (*wince*) and the harsh truth is that cake businesses are not an exception to this statistic. With that in mind, how DOES one beat the odds and build a successful cake business without fizzling out? In the past 5 years I’ve grown my home cake business to a near 6-figure turnover by intentionally growing and expanding my cake business knowledge. I’ve pieced together a free business guide with my 5-step winning formula to help you kickstart & build a successful cake business poised for massive growth. In this guide, you will have full access to:

    • Behind-the scenes of how I turned my near-failing business into a thriving income-earning enterprise

    • Learn how to set yourself up the right way to avoid common cake business mistakes

    • Get my 5-step strategy to turn your cake passion into a profitable business
    • Learn how to beat the competition in your area by pairing your cake skills with proven cake business strategies